Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visas II

The visa stamping for me from my org one schengan visa in july and happened to travel to dusseldorf. Now got another one last week, hoping to travel to frankfurt and bareclona. Also my generous organization applied for my H1 visa, so hoping to travel with my family to US soon.

Will move my professional tid bits on my proffesional blog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last 2 months...I have got my passport stamped twice..once for Schengen visa and now for UK visa...the first one has even expired now...and expecting the second one will also only eat away few pages of my passport..without serving any purpose....

Wish to go to europe again !!

Professional Blogging

Last 6 months, I have been asked by my organization to blog at thier corporate website..Though it has been an honour to be among select group of employees who can blog directly at organization employing more than 100 thousand employees....
But somehow, I never was able to convince myself to even write a first blog at corporate my own definition and objective of blogging were not aligned with what I thought my organization would want me to write about...But having seen the process for 6 months, I am quite convince about the freedom they provide and would like to share my thoughts in that forum also..and would write very soon about corporate performance management..the area..or the SAP products in this domain....more in next post.


Its time to revieve my blog post and clear the confusion created by the old ones..

Life seems to have taken many twists in last few years..from the time I started writing these blogs...being escatic in Netherlands to lowest times in boring last year..till I got married this year...back again to happy times...

When we are litle sad..we thing so much about what to do and not to do..and when we are too happy have difficulty to work on the same goals...its irony...we loose our focus when we can do things with greatest ease..

In last one year..I travelled to Andaman, Ladakh and Srinigar...
Though its very late to share travel experience but for memoir its surely isn't too late..