Friday, August 17, 2007

Assumption of Independence day for BCS.

15 of August has always been special to me in more than one ways.......As this was the day my father met my mother the first time and later married on 26 of Jan...isnt that very patriotic....well he was in Indian Army that time..
And this 15th in Eindhoven we were celebrating our Independence day by having our group Bhelpuri feast in my room lit in tricolor effect created by placing saffron and green glass covers on 2 of there overhead focuslights. Also earlier during the day in office we celebrated Assumption day and announcement of business go live of BCS, my first implementation project. Though I am not rightfull in taking credit for this go live as I joined quite later in this project..Still its great if seeing your own baby walk for first time...!!!

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Pankaj said...

I really love the spirit of being happy....I also need to learn it from u

Its a great feeling to see u happy dear.